Thursday, October 4, 2012

Room for One More Yes

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Last weekend, I thought to myself, 
"I have room for one more big YES this year." 

And I handed it out yesterday, gladly, 

Deciding I had capacity for just one more YES
isn't about shutting down possibilities
or being closed off to new ideas. 

It's all about creating ample space 
for cultivating and growing
all the projects and ideas 
I've already said YES
to this year. 

It's also about setting aside time
and honoring the people I love, 
who make it possible for me to 
enjoy a healthy balance 
of ministry and personal life 
(OK - maybe healthy is too optimistic, 
but that is always the goal). 

And it came out of an awareness 
that in addition to professional ministry, 
there are quite a few other personal goals 
I'd like to accomplish at some point in life: 

- Continue Spanish lessons (Quiero hablar español!)
- Take piano lessons
- Learn to play guitar
- Take voice lessons
- More extensive travel
- Enter the LA County Extension Master Gardeners program

- Write a historical fiction novel, 
inspired by love letters written 
to my Grandma Lula from my Grandpa Dub, 
when they were teens. 
My mom and I found 
these letters hidden in a cigar box, 
tucked in the back of a closet, 
after my Grandma Lula died. 

It feels really good to be clear, 
for the time being, 
about my ministry priorities this year
and focusing on those, 
rather than adding more and more 
to an already full plate. 

Of course, this will be tested
when the next phone call
or email comes in for a 
meaningful, fun project. 

Will I be able to say No 
as joyfully as I say YES? 

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