Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pastoral Prayer, We Gather Together

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God of Our Hearts, 
the Breathing of the World, 
Be with us. 
We gather in this community, 
carrying our hurts from last week, 
and may we find a space to lay down our burdens, 
if only for a moment. 
We gather together, 
seeking a moment of reprieve
from the busyness of everyday life. 
May we find space this morning to breathe deeply, 
and be nurtured by the quiet, 
if only for a moment. 
We gather as people of faith, 
longing for a chance 
at deep connection with another human being. 
Let us be brave enough 
to look into someone else’s eyes
and hear their story, 
and let us be courageous enough to tell our own, 
if only for a moment. 
We gather together, 
bearing witness to the joys and sorrows 
of each other’s lives.

We gather together, 
building strength for the week to come, 
girding us to meet a world so 
desperately in need of peace and healing.
Let our moments of compassion 
build on each other, 
bending the arc of the universe
ever more closely to justice. 

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