Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pastoral Prayer, Daring

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Spirit of Life,
Connecting All Beings,
We pray with you today. 
Dare us to see the abundance
you put before us. 
Dare us to see the signs of spring all around: 
purple hyacinths, orange poppies, and red nasturtiums
blooming along highways and sidewalks. 
Dare us to look out of our bus window, 
or up from the road for just long enough
to see the wide expanse of the Mountains, 
etched clearly against the bright blue February sky, 
reaching out as if to embrace us. 
Dare us to walk out of our home
as the sun sets, 
so we can see the moon 
glowing from its evening perch. 
Dare us to engage in an act of boldness: 
to really look another human being in the eyes. 
To look, and to wonder, who IS this person? 
Dare us to be happy 
with our bodies, 
no matter what shape they are in. 
Dare us to sit in the silence, 
listening deeply for your still, small voice. 

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