Monday, September 3, 2012

Spreading My Wings

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I'm spending a few days in private retreat, 
in northern California. 
Today, as I sat on a bluff and 
watched the Big River
flow into Mendocino Bay, 
I watched ravens fly overhead. 

Watching them swoop and soar, 
it reminded me of my mental preparations 
for Adrian to go to college, 
I knew he was entering a season of life 
for him to spread his wings
and really learn to fly on his own. 

What I hadn't considered is 
it also becomes a time for me 
to stretch my wings and experience life in a new way. 

I get to practice engaged motherhood differently. 
From afar and a bit removed, 
but with no less love, compassion, 
curiosity, and support
than before. 

I'm starting to sink into the joys 
of having more time to myself: 
Dinners with friends, 
leisurely conversations after church or meetings,
planning dinners I like -
that don't have to be teen friendly.

More time to write, more time to think, more time to be. 
I'm trying to be intentional about embracing
this new phase of life, 
and be fully present to the emotions, 
challenges and opportunities it brings me, 
and note how it may deepen my ministry. 

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