Thursday, September 13, 2012

One of Those Awesome YES Days

I certainly didn't expect 
to feel euphoric at the end of today. 
But I do. 
(And no, it's not just the iced tea talking.)

First of all - check out those bright, shining faces above. 
For A Long Time, 
a donated electric organ has lived
in the entrance to one of the church's bathrooms. 

Today was the day for finding it a loving home. 
These young men came for it, 
and their faces lit up when we 
plugged in the organ
and it worked! 

So off they go to make music, 
and we can better utilize the space in one 
of our downstairs bathrooms. 

On Tuesday, Real Food Daily
hosted us for a special Elders/Seniors dinner. 
RFD is one of my fav restaurants, 
and they offer organic, vegan cuisine. 

Well, it was so nice to get to linger and chat and enjoy food with these delightful folks from the church. 
I saw a couple of them tonight, 
and they were still glowing from our dinner. 
So that just added to my YES feeling. 

And earlier that day 
(note the exact same dress!), 
several of us unveiled the new
UU Group at Occidental College. 
We gathered over 20 names and emails
of students who are interested in being 
part of our campus group. 

Several ran up to the table 
and exclaimed, 
"I grew up UU! I am so excited 
we will have a place to meet on campus!"

Ministry is so much about creating connections, 
helping people live into their own YES to life. 
Holding a container
out of which the sacred can emerge.

We ministers talk about the many demands
of professional, ordained ministry. 
And all the goodness, 
such as I experienced this week, 
balances it all. 

What a complex, beautiful, winding
road we are all on
to find our holy YES in life. 

And it'll be good to have this written 
reminder when a day or week rolls
around where the YES is hard to find. 

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